Schezwan Sauce

Schezwan sauce is a fusion Indo Chinese version of a hot chilli sauce. It is made with dry red chillies, onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. I prefer using sweet onion as it adds a sweet flavour to the sauce. Using Dark Japanese soy adds a light taste to the sauce. Schezwan sauce is a spicy sauce with sharp flavours of chillies and garlic. One of the favourites of all among Indo Chinese cuisine, it is a good accompaniment for chicken lollipop, momos, spring roll etc. Apart from Indo chinese dishes, it also pairs well with pakoras, tandoori, potato wedges etc. It is also used in the main course for Schezwan fried rice or noodles. So it can be called a versatile sauce. 

Try the recipe and let me know your views….


25nos dry red chillies

1tbsp chopped ginger 

12 garlic cloves chopped 

1 sweet onion roughly chopped 

3 tbsp vinegar

2 tbsp soy sauce

3 tbsp oil

2 tbsp sugar


In a pot add red chillies, chopped onion. Add water enough to cover the cillies.

Cover with a lid and let it cook on high flame until chillies are soft and well cooked.

Remove the lid, let it cook on medium flame until 90% of water is evaporated. 

Blend it into fine paste and remove in a bowl. 

Heat the same pot, add oil, garlic and ginger. 

Let it cook until it’s a bit brownish in colour.

Add the chilli paste and saute on medium flame for 2-3 minutes.

Add vinegar and let it simmer on high flame for a minute.

Add Soy Sauce and let it simmer on medium flame for a minute. (I have used dark japanese soy sauce which is dark in colour but less) 

Add Ketchup and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes on medium flame, so the sourness of ketchup fades away.

Add sugar and let it simmer until you get a desired consistency. Serve

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