Paneer Schezwan Frankie

Frankie, one of the quickest to make, and one loaded with flavors. If you are looking for something quick, yummy meal then this recipe is for you. these frankies are high in protein because of paneer. I always recollect the frankie i used to have at Shivaji Park; chicken, mutton and paneer etc were some of my favourites. The recipe i have shared is quick and easy to make..and delicious. Do share your reviews……


For naan:

½ tsp dry yeast

½ tsp sugar

3 tbsp warm water

1 cup plain flour

Salt to taste

1 tbsp yogurt

1 tbsp melted ghee/clarified butter

Lukewarm milk/water as needed


1-2 tbsp oil

1 chopped onion

½ cup ketchup

1 cup schezwan sauce

450 grams paneer

Chopped coriander

For Frankie Assembling:

1/2 sliced onion

4-5 slices cheese or grated cheese


Chop onion, coriander. Cut paneer into cubes or cylindricals.

 Yeast Mixture:

In a bowl, add yeast, sugar and warm water. Mix well

 In another bowl add flour, yogurt, yeast mixture, ghee/clarified butter and knead.

Add lukewarm water/milk as needed.


In a pan heat 1-2 tbsp oil. When oil is hot, add onion, sauet until onions are soft.

Add ½ cup ketchup, saute for a minute on medium flame.

Add 1 cup schezuan sauce, saute for a minute, add paneer cubes, cover with a lid and cook for 5-10 minutes or until paneer is soft.

Add chopped coriander, mix. remove in a bowl.


By now the dough must have doubled in size and soft. Make small balls and roll.

Heat tawa/Pan and cook naan on both sides. Place sliced/grated cheese, heat for a minute. Remove when cheese is melted.

On the naan, spread some prepared sauce and some paneer. Add some onion slices, some more cheese (lemon juice and chat masala optional), chopped coriander and roll.

Enjoy delicious Frankie at home…

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