Bengali Rasgulla

Rasgulla also known as rassogolla/roshogolla/rasbari, is an Indian Dessert made of “Chenna” (an Indian cottage cheese) dough, which is cooked in light sugar syrup flavoured with cardamom and saffron. A Famous British chef William Harold defined it as “a bowl of sweet, syrupy, soft cheese balls”. The dish originated in East India, present day Odisha and West Bengal. Its still unclear which place it originated, as Odisha government says it originated in Puri Jagannath temple. According to Historians rasgulla was evolved from “Khira Mohana” which was later known as “Pahala Rasgulla” which is brown in colour. Meanwhile West Bengal has its numerous theories on evolution of Rasgulla.  Whether it originated from Odisha or West Bengal everyone loves it and it is one the game changers, and people do their best – to eat it!!


2 litres of high fat milk

100 ml water

1 tblsp of vinegar

1 cup white sugar

5 cups water

A pinch of saffron

5-6 cardamom pods

A muslin cloth (to drain water)

Tip: You can use lemon juice instead of vinegar and water mixture, if you don’t have vinegar.


In a glass mix water and vinegar and keep aside

Take a pot and bring milk to boil. When milk starts to boil turn off the heat. Now add the water and vinegar mixture and mix with a wooden spoon.

Once the milk curdles, strain it wash it for couple of times with cold water, so the vinegar smell is washed away and tie it in a muslin cloth for 5-6 hours. Make sure you remove all the excess water, or you won’t be able to make dough without adding flour or semolina. After most of the water is drained what you have left is “Chenna” or “paneer”

Mash the chenna until all the lumps are broken down and a dough is formed. Break the dough into 18 equal portions (make sure you make small chenna balls as they will increase in size 3 times almost) and roll them into balls (there shouldn’t be any cracks on the chenna balls, or they will break while cooking) and keep aside.

Chenna Dough
Chenna Balls

Now take a pot and add sugar, water and cardamom pods, bring it to a boil. When the syrup starts boiling add the chenna balls into the pot close with lid and let it cook for 7-8 minutes on high flame.

After 7-8 minutes take the lid off and flip the rasgulla’s and cook for another 7-8 minutes. Put half the saffron in the liquid so it will infuse all the flavor. Cool down and Refrigerate.

Put Rasgulla’s in a bowl garnish with saffron.

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